Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Parimala's Profile!!

Namaste..Greetings to everyone!!
My name is Parimala Hansoge, a passionate Indian classical dancer, choreographer and an Artistic director of  "Kalavahini". It is my privilege to introduce you all to the traditional classical Indian dance form "Bharatanatyam".
 Bharatanatyam the exquisite dance form interprets life, communicates feelings, delineates the essence of Bhaava- the emotion or mood conveyed by the performer,through subtle eye movements and elegant gestures. This visual poetry enhanced by the Raaga or the melody,comes to full vibrance with intense footwork and exclusive rhythm or Taala. These aspects of Bharaatnatyam make it the highest form of Yoga,as it integrates mind body and soul.
currently I am a faculty member of ISTD(Imperial Society for teachers of dancing),UK and an empaneled artist at ICCR(Indian Council for Cultural Relations) India spreading awareness about the rich cultural heritage of India through my performancesand workshops across India and the UK as a freelance dancer. The award "Nritya Nipuna" was conferred on me in the year 2014 for the outstanding performance and expertise in the field of classical dance at Nalanda Nrityotsava a prestigious dance festival organised by Nalanda Nritykala mahavidyala, Mumbai.
I am blessed to have obtained my MPA(Masters in Performing arts) under the able guidance of Guru.Dr.Kanak Rele, Guru.Uma Rele,Guru.Dr. Malathi Agneeshwaran,Guru. Dr.Meenakshi, and Guru.Smt.Ambika Vishwanath.

I was fortunate to have received excellent dance training from my beloved Guru.Smt.Vandya Srinath who affectionately nurtured my dancing skills with her disciplined dance lessons..she provided numerous performance platforms to all her students as she believed that performing enhances self-esteem and boosts confidence in students. Under her able guidance I completed my Vidwat level Bharatnatayma exams and constant encouragement and support from my family enabled me to give my debut performance after I delivered my first baby. I am ever indebted to my husband Pavankumar and my in-laws for their unconditional support .
Travelling to another place called Pune was a turning point of my life as I met senior experienced classical dance exponent  Guru.Smt.Mythili Raghavan Founder Director of Academy of Indian Dances , who wholeheartedly accepted me as her student. Under her guidance I learnt a lot..her discipline,punctuality and dedication towards the dance instilled immense hope and spirit in me to learn  the art form in depth.
Bharatanatyam being a traditional art form, let us understand what Tradition means? Tradition  is like a flowing river. The name remains the same but the water changes every moment. Tradition is something that is handed down to us by our forefathers flowing from ancient times through  successive generation. What we do today becomes the tradition for our children tomorrow.  This art form is ritualistic in nature however, when we look at its growth and development especially during 21st century we have to understand the time frame. In the past temples were the hub of devotional and cultural activity however, with the movement of art outside temple in theater the relationship  between performer and the audience has changed.  The recent trend is to go beyond the mythological theme and express contemporary issues.