Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Hi Friends !!
It looks like everyone is busy thinking.. planning.. and illustrating Areas of learning !!!

Reflecting thoughts all the time has stolen my early morning and late evenings as I get engrossed in my areas of learning both consciously and sub-consciously. More than my kids, my books are seen all over the place. I am going through range of mixed emotions not knowing whatever I am writing is right or not, it is just going on its own way. However, as I dive into the books I get a sense of understanding how beautifully  authors have expressed their thoughts either  about behavior learning attitude, or highly motivated learner or how the external and internal forces enable the learner to learn under cognitive current structure. I discovered that internal experience can be much more effective and richer than the external one.
 As Perry's approach suggests, commitment plays a vital role in self  development, in my case it is so very apt, as I realized that only because  of my personal commitment  I  registered for this MA course.  It is interesting to read different views of authors as most of them are so relevant to our own situation and circumstances.
As rightly said by Bowden and Marton,1998 the process of learning is not, therefore about the accumulation of material of learning but about the process of changing conception.
Do share your opinions and thoughts !!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Discovering Inadequacy!

  This journey of thinking and writing on our topic makes me go crazy and I feel inadequate. I took a break as continuous search for literature was stressful, however I diverted my mind  towards annotating my job description and portfolio. It was only through reading, I discovered what I had been doing for years. Considering my past work, subconsciously I am hunting  for something..very desperate  and restless at the same time!!!
Trusting my abilities I continued my search today and happened to watch some videos on academic style of writing  which enlightened me about common errors made during writing essays.
I am yet to integrate theories and practice.

Monday, 7 November 2016

 Thoughts that emerged from 6th November Skype chat!!
As I embark on the narratives about Review of learning  I noticed that I have been writing my experiences reflecting my journey as a student more than as a teacher.  From yesterday's discussion I realized that ROL should also include narratives about the Module 1 learning. I have to now focus on integrating  theories read with my narratives by following appropriate referencing and illustrations.  I can definitely say that my mind is preoccupied with reflective thoughts from the day I have enrolled to this course.  There will be a shift in the way I take my writing forward after hearing everyone's suggestions yesterday.
Integrating theory and practice and its relevance to my experience in my areas of learning is what I want to focus now.  The ideas that come to me while writing and finding suitable theories is the challenge which I am facing. Sorry, I cant think anything beyond this.