Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Module 1 Submission Statuts!!

Hope you all are fine. I would like to know from you all about your submission status. I have successfully submitted to turnitin, yet to send the physical copy. Please friends could you share your details about your submission status. Thanks.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Dear Module 1 friends,

My special wishes to you and to all your loved ones to have an ideal occasion that is celebrated as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, and traditions. May you have a Christmas that is more special than it has ever been. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

I am wondering why all are so quiet and not sharing anything on your blogs after 4th December?? I was little disappointed as there were no inputs or ideas or experiences being shared. Having said that,let me express my thoughts on the new learning..the in-text citation.  The key leanings are: 
1.Whether you use a quotation or paraphrased materiel you must cite the source that gave you information.
2.You must provide the last name of the author,followed by the year of publication and the page number.
3. It can be confusing as to when to use present/past tense? In most cases when you are referring to what an author says, you conclude in present tense and if you think that the author has found something(in past) as a part of his/her case study use past tense.
4.Always make sure the reader knows which citation belongs to which sentence, and each part of the citation is separated with commas, then add the period at the end.
5. when you simply making a general statement you don't need page number but be sure you include author and year as a grammatical part of the sentence or include it in the parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence. 
6. when you are doing research, and when the  material is in front of you, please cite it there and then,if you think you are going back you will be simply doubling your work, and you will definitely miss something. So the best way is to 'Cite while you write'.

Important Notification:  myUniHub will be unavailable from 9 am Monday 19th December to 1am 21st December as a part of a University wide IT project. 
Hope this helps!!  Do comment!!

Monday, 5 December 2016

Experiences of writing ROL and AOL!!

Hi Friends,
It was great to discuss various things  over  Skype chat yesterday ,4th December 2016. I would like to express few things which I am  learning the process of completing  module 1.
My internal experiences while studying were..
 The most difficult thing I encountered when I started this module was, to get familiarize with Middlesex university's student portal myUnihub...then locating online study materials, understanding the handbook, knowing from where to start writing and articulating thoughts into words. Subsequently, I created  my Mental map - First thing in the morning wake up at 5 facilitate kids to go to school then to pray,meditate,cook clean and enter to study from  9 am study till 2 pm. manage to grab couple of hours post diner.  At times I feel guilty if I am not studying or working on my essay. However,While studying, I avoid distractions like face book, Email,Mobile etc.. Focusing more on reading, writing, thinking reflecting in one quiet corner of my house.
Learning to improve my writing skills: Using various links, I learnt how to write using impersonal language and phrases, more formal rather than chatty, writing clearly keeping the reader in mind by avoiding complex sentences and being concise in expressing my ideas. Learning to use appropriate quotations in support of my argument,Structuring the work  and concluding with critical thinking.
Trying to adapt Referencing- by acknowledging all sources used in the work. Simultaneously, working on my Job description,updating my portfolio as well as gathering and sorting various evidences to claim credentials. I realize each job consumes enormous amount of time and my mind is preoccupied with reflective thoughts, always searching for good sources and inputs which could add points to my essay.
 Seriously, I never imagined I could write so much about my learning, as a performing artist, teacher choreographer, I feel the deeper you learn the deeper you know 'what You Do not know'. This is certainly a big eye-opener for me. Thus, I completely agree with this statement..'The process of learning is not about the accumulation of material of learning,but about the process of changing conception'.(Bowden and Marton,1998).
To conclude and submit Module 1 essays..still I need to learn how to
1.Put all these essays,evidences, Job description, annotated CV, in 'ONE FILE'?
2, How to create a proper portfolio? Do I need to insert my dance videos photos etc?
3,How to use  my learning outcomes to structure claim for accreditation?
4. Does the academic levels of  my learning depend upon the way I describe and analyse my essays?
last but not the least,
5. I need to understand and the ways to express the level of my learning as stated in the Review of learning handbook.
I really look forward to hear some comments and suggestion on this please.