Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Considering Non-positivist approach

Understanding Non-positivist approach is relatively simpler compared to Positivist approach, for common people like us.  We live in a society and often we anticipate some feedback from our friends and relatives for anything we offer either sevice or help.  Basically we live in an inter-dependant society, with the liberty to live,explore, believe or not in the existence of God who guides every activity in the world. At some point of time philosophers like Plato,Aristotle, Issac Newton with their scientific mindset also believed in the higher power.  So I feel somewhere meta-physical, scientific, and religious world co-exists in order to make sense of the world.
John Locke, the famous philosopher uses Christian religion as justification and says all people are created with natural rights of life, liberty, everybody in nature should have these rights as they are God's gifts. We experience certain emotions  in a set way because every religion gives some sort of structure some principles. All these elements are subjective in nature as no scientific methods have proved it.
Non-positivist mainly engage in these subjective approach where they interact with people which enables greater understanding and gain insights into people's motivation to meanings by seeing the wolrd as they do and build grounded theories using qualitative data.
I would consider non-positvist approach as I beleive that knowledges are created by interacting with people in  a given context or working with them in their environment. Being a performing artist, and a teacher, always I aimed to connect with people and reach out to them through my performances and these experiences are intangible for them as well as for me because these invovle integration of various elements like theme, music, choreogaphy. etc. unike positivist apporach where it needs a scientific interpretation and has to be to measured.
 Non-positivist perspective enables me to know what really matters to me, how I see the world and frame my questions to get my answers. Basically it allows me to work closer to social factors to co-construct reality with my participants. However,  various articles report that qualitiative approach  is more complicated when it comes to collecting data, as we need to consider the concept of truth with each data collected. The most important aspect of  Non-positivist theory I liked is the concept of having multiple Realities and truth exists. It beautifully justifies that Reality is Real, and Truth is universal, but we cannot directly access either, we can only perceive pieces of Reality we can seek Truth or approximate Reality.